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2nd US-China Youth Summit

Dialogue with Renmin University Scholars

US-China Forum on Capitol Hill

US-China Youth Summit 2012

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China US Investment Forum

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China Society 5th Anniversary Reception

China Society 5th Anniversary Reception

Report (English) | 中文报告

Photo album 酒会影集

Kristie John Lemon Trees | Kristie Tibetan Plateau | Matthew Salmon
Xiao Ling I Love You China | Xiao Ling Summer

Phoenix TV Report 凤凰卫视报道

Phoenix TV 凤凰卫视 | Duowei Report 多维报道 | World Journal 世界日报 | Sing Tao Daily 星岛日报 | Capital City Info 华盛顿资讯

China Society 5-Year Activity Report 中国协会五年活动报告

5-year history review, vision and plan for the future, awards ceremony, inspirational speeches, entertainment, networking... Wine, soft drinks, and delicious food will be served.

China Society Leadership Awardee and Keynote Speaker

Honorable US Congressman Matthew Salmon (Arizona, 95-01) He was the only Member of the U.S. Congress in America's history who speaks Mandarin Chinese. While in Congress, he led several U.S. Congressional delegations to China to improve trade relations and bilateral relationships. He was instrumental in bringing Yao Ming 姚明 to USA. This expertise served him well as one of the leading advocates of a positive U.S. and China relationship. He has been a strong supporter of the China Society and is a board member of the Society.


"I Love You, China我爱你中国" - Chinese
"Summer Time" - English
Ms. Ling Xiao 肖玲
China National Level-1 Professional Soprano, Tianjing Opera
国家一级演员, 天津歌舞剧院

"Tibetan Plateau 青藏高原" - Chinese
Kristie Di Lascio
Lead Singer, The Camels That Ride Band
Former Peace Corps Volunteer to China

When: 6:30 PM - 9 PM, December 2, 2010 (Thursday)

Where: 1133 19th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036
Metro Accessible: DuPont Circle, Farragut North, Farragut West 
FREE Street Parking after 6:30 PM and Garage Parking (please use the right side parking next to the building)

Who: Members and Friends of China Society

Fee: $30 for regular participants; $20 for fee-paying member
(Capacity is limited, on-line registration in advance required)

Contact:Shuai Liang 梁帅 347-827-8856

Board of Directors

John Dickson (Chair), Yeqing (Victor) Li 李叶青(President), Julia Liu 涂曼麗(Vice Chair), Suzanne Reynolds Bennison, Ping He 何平, Martha Holdridge, Linchun Li 李临春, Michael Marshall, Matthew Salmon, Rita Shan 单艺, Alan Shi Tan 谭石, Jintang Wu 吴金堂, Yubin Ye 叶玉彬, Runan Zhang 张汝南