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2nd US-China Youth Summit

Dialogue with Renmin University Scholars

US-China Forum on Capitol Hill

US-China Youth Summit 2012

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China US Investment Forum

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About Us

The China Society (中国协会/中國協會) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, educational organization based in Washington, D.C.


1. To promote mutual understanding of China and the World.
2. To foster friendship, cooperation and success among people who have interest in China.
3. To enhance prosperity, peace, happiness of the greater society and humanity.


The China Society is for Chinese and non-Chinese who are sincerely interested in promoting mutual understanding, friendship and collaboration of China and the world. Currently, we have a network of near 7,000 members of diverse backgrounds most of whom are professionals, scholars, business and community leaders, journalists, and graduate students.


1. Intellectual Exchange
China Society offers Seminars that are catered specifically to fulfill the intellectual curiosity of our well-educated members. We provide forums to those who lead the policy discussion to address our members the changes they appear in different fields, to hear from peers in other political arena about alternative strategies, and to compare experiences and exchange ideas about the future of China, its economies and its politics.

2. Resource Connection
China Society recognizes that human capital is one of the most valuable resources we can offer and we aim to become one of the most informed professional groups of its kind. Whether it is through seminars, outdoor activities, Internet listserv or email, China Society creates opportunities for members to come together with peers in their respective specialties to help each other solve problems.

3. Information Sharing
Our regular email updates are organized to provide the most complete event information that you may find of interest, and to provide access for you to explore professional opportunities outside your own field. As an additional benefit, China Society members may send out appropriate announcements to our large number of members.

4. Long term relationship building through social events
China Society works to help our diverse members build lasting personal relationships through face-to-face meeting and group activities, such as dinners, fishing trips, fruit picking, hiking, sports, etc. Through these activities, we can also help our busy members achieve a more work and life balanced living style without much individual effort.


1. Regular membership is free and open to all. Regular members will receive group emails and have limited access to events we organize.
2. Advanced Membership is for those who pay annual membership fee (currently $30). Advanced members have higher priority to access events organized by the Society and may send appropriate event announcements through the member email group.
3. Governing Council Membership is designed for those advanced members who have demonstrated active participation and strong interests in developing the Society. Governing Council members are the voting members of the Society. Existing Governing Council members may vote to admit new members.

Membership Registration: